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Topographical Survey

Topographical Survey Services in Mangalore

A topographical survey consists of collecting data from the field to deliver a representation at the desired scale on a topographical map. In the map, the object or the land surveyed shall be represented in a three-dimensional coordinate system.

These services aim to collect geological data, including natural and human-made land features, by establishing horizontal and vertical control lines. We provide an exclusive 3D map for rendering these services after collecting data through an advanced GPS.

We have in-depth knowledge of local issues, which invariably come up when a topographical survey is needed. To deliver this type of service, we have the resources to deploy several experienced, multidisciplinary teams at once. We provide optimal solutions fast and to meet the target date.

The topographical maps are georeferenced in compliance with work regulations carried out on behalf of the Government and Local Authorities. For complex projects, the company can combine its skills in ground surveys with aerial mapping techniques such as photogrammetry or airborne Lidar.

We can deploy several teams of experienced technicians and engineers simultaneously, working on one or more projects at once. Consequently, we deliver solutions fast and efficiently. Our teams have all the equipment needed to provide traditional terrestrial topographic surveys (tachometers and GNSS systems) and the tools required to answer more specialized requests..