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About Blue Line Infratech

Land Work

Land Work Services in Mangalore

We are one of the well respected Land Work Service providers. Our experienced industry professionals, who render it using advanced levelling instruments, undertake this work. We use site documents to determine the quantity and accuracy of the levelling work. For avoiding any adverse climatic effect, backsight and foresight distances in the instruments should be kept approximately equal. Our services are highly known for cost-effectiveness and timely execution.

We are a diversified company focusing on land levelling and infrastructure improvements for construction, agriculture and public projects.

Our Land Levelling Services include but are not limited to

  • GPS Levelling: Specializing in improved water management needs for your operation
  • Land Forming
  • Site Survey and Layout
  • GPS Field Mapping
  • Excavation: Canals and Water Sheds
  • Structure Demolition and Removal
  • Drainage Management